When a motorcyclist slides out, falls down, or crashes his bike, he will often hit his knee against the bike or another object during the wreck. When this happens, knee damage can occur and cause the rider significant pain.

This impact can cause ligament injuries to a rider, such as a torn MCL, ACL, or meniscus, as well as damage to the knee cap or other parts surrounding the knee.

Even a Knee Injury Needs Attention from a Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Although knee injuries may seem straight forward, they may not be. What if you just had your ACL repaired only to find out six months later that your MCL should have been repaired too? You may need additional surgery and more physical therapy. But what if you already settled? Many motorcycle accident victims try to handle their knee injury claims on their own with the insurance company because they don’t realize there may be complications down the road that they should have collected money for.

When looking to collect a financial recovery for your injuries, you can most likely get more compensation out of your insurance company by having an experienced accident attorney handle your claim. A lawyer skilled in Florida personal injury law will know to account for your current medical bills and lost income, plus potential future surgeries and future lost wages.

Although knee injuries may be common, you should not have to suffer physically, financially, and emotionally on your own when someone else caused you pain. Talk with a personal injury lawyer in Sarasota at Mallard Perez to find out about your rights. Call (888) 409-3805 and receive a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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