The public is often told about child abuse cases that involve adult abusers, but child-on-child abuse in Florida is rarely reported. However, incidents that involve a child sexually abusing another child do, in fact, take place. According to statistics from the Justice Department, more than one-third of child sexual abuse is committed by other children.

The crime data analysis by the Justice Department regarding child-on-child sexual abuse data includes:

  • 93 percent of child offenders were male
  • Peak ages for child offenders were between the ages of 12 and 14
  • 59 percent of victims were younger than the age of 12
  • 75 percent of victims were female

Despite this shocking information, the reason the public doesn’t hear about these types of cases is because they are handled confidentially through the juvenile justice system. Additionally, experts believe that parents of minors and children themselves are too embarrassed to make the abuse public. Also, many parents do not want to press charges against minors for fear of what will happen to them, since they are only children themselves.

While some kids are exploring their bodies and sexuality, other children will continue to rape as an adult. This is why parents of child sex abuse victims need to pursue Florida child abuse claims against the person responsible, even if that person is a child. By taking action, parents can reduce the risk of another child being harmed.

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