As a policyholder, you pay a good amount of money to be insured for auto accidents and personal injuries. You expect the insurance company will come through for you when you need it the most. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny motor vehicle claims.

Do you know what to do once your Florida car insurance claim has been denied? While most people get upset and give up—thinking it is over—it is important to pursue your claim against the insurance company. If you believe your claim is valid, then you should follow these tips:

  • Review your insurance policy. Read over your entire policy, even the fine print. If you don’t understand certain clauses, highlight them and ask your insurance agent or consult with a skilled accident attorney for help interpreting your policy.
  • Ask for the denial reason in writing. Try to get the reason why the insurance adjuster denied your claim and review the denial reason compared to your policy.
  • Be convincing. You should gather up your evidence, police report, photos of the damaged cars, and clauses in your insurance policy that indicate the insurer’s denial is against the terms of the policy.
  • Contact the Insurance Information Institute (III). The III would like to hear your complaint and will give you information about what to do regarding your concerns.
  • Call a skilled Sarasota accident attorney. A lawyer who regularly handles car accident claims in Florida will know how to read your policy and whether you do or do not have a valid claim.
  • File a lawsuit. If you do have a valid claim, you can file a car accident lawsuit against the insurance company with the help of your attorney.

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