The trunk of the human body is also known as the torso. It is the area that extends from the neck through the abdomen and into the pelvis and houses the most critical organs such as the lungs, heart, liver, spleen, pancreas, intestines, gallbladder, and bladder. Although motorcyclists often injure their heads and limbs in motorcycle crashes, the torso and critical organs are also injured and should be looked at more closely.

When motorcycle accidents in Sarasota cause motorcyclists to land on their backs, chests or abdominal walls, serious trunk trauma can occur. As we have discussed liver, spleen, pancreas and bladder injuries in our article Trunk Trauma Explained by a Sarasota Motorcycle Injury Lawyer, we will now look at two other trunk injuries – rib and kidney injuries.

  • Rib injuries – If your body is slammed into the ground, car or other object, you may suffer a rib injury. The rib cage protects the lungs; however, when a rib breaks, it can puncture a lung and cause serious internal bleeding. You will know you have a rib injury if it hurts to breathe and you have sharp pain when taking a deep breath. Under the lower ribs there is a kidney in back that can be punctured when a rib fractures.
  • Kidney injuries – If you hit the side of your back around your waistline in a motorcycle crash, you most likely will incur a kidney injury. You can tell if your kidney is injured if there if blood in your urine, your pain is severe and spreading, and you are lightheaded. Kidneys can tear or rupture, which can be serious and require medical attention.

If you it hurts to breath, your short of breath, you are lightheaded, there is blood in your urine, there is swelling or a deformity, or you are in pain and the pain is spreading, it is critical that you seek medical attention. Then, contact a skilled Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney at Mallard Perez at (888) 409-3805 for a free, no-obligation consultation today to find out your rights to compensation. 

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