During the warm summer months, many people hop onto the seats of their bicycles to go for a ride. The wind in their hair, the sun beating down on their bodies, and the thrill of riding a bike is fun and peaceful. However, when riding in and around traffic, it is anything but that. Riding a bicycle near moving motor vehicles can actually be frightening and exhausting. 

This is because many bicycle accidents in Florida occur during the summer months. Whether the sun affects a driver’s vision or a driver is distracted at the wheel, the one who gets injured in a crash involving a car and a bike is almost always the bicyclist. 

Many bicycle accident injuries, including those involving the shoulder, cause serious pain. Types of shoulder injuries that can occur in Sarasota bike crashes include:

  • An AC joint dislocation. The acromioclavicular, or AC, joint connects the collar bone to the shoulder bone. 
  • A humeral fracture. Proximal humeral fractures can occur from a direct blow to the shoulder or from a fall on an outstretched arm in a bicycle accident. This is when fractures to the upper end of the shoulder or neck fractures occur. 
  • A shoulder dislocation. When the ball dislocates from the socket of the shoulder in a bicycle crash, it can be extremely painful for the crash victim. 

If you have received any of these shoulder injuries in a bicycle wreck caused by a negligent driver, you may have rights to compensation. Please call Mallard Perez today at (888) 409-3805 to talk with an experienced Sarasota bicycle injury lawyer in a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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