When someone fractures a femur in a truck accident in Florida, the injury is typically treated with surgery. While an open fracture will be obvious and easy to diagnose, if the bone has not punctured the skin, the doctor might need to order an X-ray or CT scan before making an accurate diagnosis. 

If your doctor diagnoses a femoral shaft fracture, he or she will discuss the timing of surgery. If there is an open fracture, surgery will typically be performed immediately to eliminate the risk of infection. Otherwise, your surgery will most likely be scheduled for a later date, when your condition is more stable. 

Types of Femoral Shaft Fracture Surgeries

  • External fixation is a procedure in which pins and screws are inserted into the bone below and above the fracture and are attached to a bar located outside the skin. This procedure provides proper positioning so that the bones are stabilized until the final surgery can be completed. It’s a temporary treatment used for patients who have multiple injuries following a Sarasota truck crash and need to become healthier before undergoing a longer surgery.
  • Metal plates are sometimes attached to the outer surface of the bone to hold together the bone fragments after the bone has been aligned properly. This is the treatment of choice for those who suffer a femur fracture that extends into the knee joint or hip.
  • Intramedullary nailing is the most common treatment procedure used in femoral shaft fractures. In this case, a metal rod is placed across the fracture to hold it in position. The rod is inserted in the canal of the femur through a small incision and screwed to the bone. 

Femoral shaft fracture surgery is expensive, and it can take six months or longer to fully heal after this type of surgery. In addition, victims of Sarasota truck accidents who suffer femur injuries will need physical therapy following surgery. In many cases, a fractured femur can significantly alter the way a person has been accustomed to living. 

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