Most of us never give our pelvis any thought. We know we have one and that it has many functions including protecting our pelvic floor muscles, dictating how the spine moves, stabilizing our body, and connecting our body to our legs. Unfortunately, when the pelvis is injured in a bicycle accident, it can be a very serious injury to say the least.

Since there isn’t anything protecting a cyclist in a crash, it is very likely that a bicyclist will come in contact with the car or the hard ground. When this happens, a cyclist can suffer a pelvic fracture as a result of the impact. While every cyclist may suffer different types of injuries in bicycle accidents, pelvic fractures are often common, yet serious injuries.

Pelvic Fractures Are Serious Injuries

Pelvic fractures can not only lead to heavy bleeding, hip and leg pain, trouble walking, and tingling in the groin and legs, but this type of injury can cause internal organ damage and be a life-threatening injury. Because it can be hard to determine what internal damage has occurred after a bicycle accident, it is in a cyclist’s best interest to seek immediate medical care following a crash.

If you have suffered a pelvic fracture in a bicycle accident on Florida State Road 45, you may need surgery, physical therapy, and time off of work for your pelvis to properly heal. Unfortunately, medical expenses involved in treating pelvic fractures can add up, especially while you are out of work resting. To make sure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries and losses, order a free copy of our book, What You Need to Know After a Florida Auto, Truck, or Bike Accident.

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