Many nursing homes in Florida are understaffed, leading to the neglect of patients. Unfortunately, when nursing home workers aren’t able to properly care for elderly residents, patients may suffer from sepsis. Sepsis, or septic shock, is a bacterial infection in the blood that can be caused from any type of infection.

Because elderly people generally have weaker immune systems, they are at high-risk for suffering from septic shock in nursing homes. Although nursing home workers are aware of the risks, they often fail to notice the signs of sepsis in patients. Sadly, when sepsis is left untreated, the consequences are ugly.

The harsh reality of septic shock includes:

  • High fever and chills
  • Memory loss
  • Low blood pressure
  • Gangrene
  • Amputation
  • Kidney failure
  • Death

When sepsis remains untreated, it is difficult for a victim’s blood pressure to be restored. Sadly, this often results in parts of the body dying and having to be amputated. Because of the severe and deadly consequences of sepsis, septic shock should not to be taken lightly.

There is no excuse for failing to regularly check and monitor nursing home residents for infections. If a nursing home failed to give your loved one the proper medical treatment in a timely manner, your elderly relative may be a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect. Find out how to hold a negligent nursing home liable for your elderly loved one’s damages or fatal injuries by ordering a free copy of our book, The Florida Nursing Home Abuse Handbook.

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