If your child were being bullied, would you want someone to step in and help to stop the bully? Well, Briar MacLean did just that. His split second decision may have saved a young child’s life. However instead of being praised for his actions, he is being punished. Briar attends Sir John A. Macdonald Junior High School, and when he heard the flick of a knife during a fight, he pushed the bully (who was holding the knife) away from his friend.

Briar was reprimanded for helping out his fellow student. The vice principal at his school said that the school doesn’t “condone heroics” and that a teacher should always be called in such situations. However, had Briar waited for a teacher to come around, someone could have been seriously hurt.

Several bullying experts are saying the school should be commending Briar for his actions.

Richard Brenner, author of 101 Tips for Targets of Workplace Bullies, said that by reprimanding Briar, the administration is showing bullies that student’s who intervene will get in just as much trouble as the bully. He also said, “This can only encourage bullies.”

The attorney’s at Mallard Perez have dealt with many cases involving bullying and we encourage others to help those who need help. It’s never a good feeling to be the bystander and wonder what you could have done to help.

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