In order to understand and learn about the symptoms of femur fractures, our Sarasota accident attorneys want to explain where the femur is located and its function.

The femur is located in the thigh area. It is a bone that runs from the hip down to the knee, and it is the longest and largest bone in the body. It helps the movement of our legs and supports much of the skeletal structure.

Symptoms of Femur Fractures

It takes a lot of force to cause a femur to break, which is why car accidents are the leading cause of femur fractures. Because pedestrians are left vulnerable, without bodily protection from vehicles, pedestrians need to be aware of femur-fracture symptoms including:

  • Pain in affected leg and thigh
  • Swelling of the injured area
  • Poor sensation in the area
  • Poor circulation
  • Inability to move the leg
  • Deformity of the thigh and leg

Broken femurs are serious injuries that can cause death or other complications. Sometimes, the healing process can take a couple months or up to a year for a victim to return back to normal. When extra time is needed to heal after surgery, it could be due to the injured nerves and muscles surrounding the femur.

This is why victims of pedestrian accidents in Sarasota County should be heavily compensated for this type of injury. To get what you deserve, call an experienced Sarasota personal injury lawyer at Mallard Perez to make sure your interests are protected. Simply call (888) 409-3805 and receive a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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