Did you know that Congress passes 70% more laws in an election year than any other year? Unless you do some serious research you never really know what the laws may be. How are we supposed to follow laws if we aren’t even aware of their existence?


For example in Florida, if you tie your elephant to a parking meter, you must pay the same amount as if you are parking your car in front of the meter. I understand that may not apply to everyone since very few people in Florida actually own elephants, but what about those of you that ride in Taxi Cabs? If you happen to vomit in a cab in Chicago, you can and will be charged an extra $50 by the cab driver.


There are even more odd laws, in Blythe, California, you can only wear cowboy boots if you own at least two cows. Do police in that city really have nothing better to do than check to see if you own cattle if you are wearing cowboy boots?


When automobiles weren’t so common, Illinois passed a law that required you to contact the police if you were going to be entering the city in an automobile. That law is still on the books. I wonder how many phone calls the police get every day informing them someone will be entering the city in an automobile.


When was the last time you saw a dual, other than in an old western movie? In West Virginia, you cannot hold public office if you have ever participated in a dual.  So just for future reference, if you plan on running for Governor of West Virginia don’t organize and participate in a dual.


If you think you are a law abiding citizen, do some research of your own. Most likely, you will find that you have broken at least one law. Many of these silly laws are still on the books simply because the process to remove them is long and tedious and no one has time to do it.

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