As the weather continues to warm up and more and more people are headed to the beautiful Sarasota beaches, we remind all drivers to be on the lookout for motorcyclists this spring, including those riding sport bikes, cruisers, and choppers.

Sadly, motorcyclists are injured or killed in Florida traffic accidents every day because motorcycles are less visible than cars, and drivers of trucks and passenger vehicles forget to look out for them or have a hard time gauging their speed due to their small size. For this reason, there are four things drivers should do to prevent a Sarasota motorcycle accident from occurring and four things motorcyclists should do to stay safe on the roads, including:


  1. Take a longer moment to look for approaching motorcycles before making a turn.
  2. Give motorcyclists more space when traveling near them.
  3. Be on the lookout for motorcyclists as well as other cars.
  4. Pay more attention to driving.


  1. Always obey traffic lights and laws.
  2. Wear helmets to keep as safe as possible.
  3. Use blinkers and hand signals when turning.
  4. Make yourselves as visible as possible by using running lights.

Even if you have done your part to stay as safe as possible, you may still be injured in a wreck. If you have been injured in a Florida motorcycle accident due to another driver, please call the experienced Sarasota motorcycle accident attorneys at Mallard Perez for a free consultation and find out about your rights. Also, if your loved one was killed by a negligent motorist, we would like to opportunity to help you. Please call us today at 888-409-3805.

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