When motorcyclists are involved in Sarasota motorcycle accidents, the chances that injuries occur are great due to the vulnerability—drivers in cars are partially protected by the vehicle itself, but not so for motorcyclists. Some of the most common injuries motorcycle riders suffer to their upper bodies are shoulder injuries. Types of shoulder injuries can include:

  • Rotator cuff injuries – when the rotator cuff tendons are torn, the humerus bone disconnects from the shoulder blade and causes a very weak shoulder and lost range of motion.
  • Shoulder fractures – when a direct blow to the shoulder occurs, a shoulder fracture could be the result. A proximal humerus fracture occurs near the shoulder joint where the ball-and-socket is located. Shoulder fractures can be classified into two categories, undisplaced and displaced. Displaced fractures occur when pieces of the bone have separated from each other; with undisplaced fractures, the pieces have not separated from one another.
  • Shoulder dislocation – when the ball-and-socket is pulled out of place, a shoulder dislocation can occur. When this happens, the shoulder will look deformed with a bulge in it. 

When riders fall onto their shoulders during crashes, any one of these shoulder injuries could occur and cause them immobilization for weeks. They may also require surgery and physical therapy over six months or more to reach a full recovery. Victims of motorcycle accidents in Sarasota will need financial compensation to cover their medical bills and lost income due to time off of work.

In order to understand your rights and pursue a financial recovery, an experienced attorney should be consulted. A Sarasota motorcycle accident injury attorney at Mallard Perez can help and can be reached at 888-409-3805 for a complimentary consultation today.

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