Did you know that there are over 39 million sexual abuse survivors in this nation? Lauren Book, founder of Lauren’s Kids, is one of them. She survived sexual abuse by her nanny for six years and lives to do as much as she can to try and keep children free from abuse. 

As a Floridian, she recently worked to the change Florida’s law surrounding child abuse, which is now the toughest child-abuse reporting law in the nation. Her organization attempts to prevent childhood sexual abuse through awareness and education.

Recently, the state of Florida launched Lauren’s school-based sexual-abuse prevention curriculum, Safer, Smarter Kids, in elementary schools statewide. Each of the 11,000 kindergarten classes in Florida now has this curriculum. The curriculum consists of the following:

  • Six 30-minute micro lessons
  • Each lesson has a video, classroom exercise, and take-home materials
  • Topics such as safe vs. unsafe secrets, body boundaries, safety awareness, and identifying adults whom children can trust when a situation makes them uncomfortable

The first in the nation to have statewide education to help prevent childhood sexual abuse, Florida legislators and Lauren’s Kids are doing what they can to keep children in Florida safe. Sadly, childhood sexual abuse in Florida still occurs. “We know that there are thousands of children in our state who have been victims of sexual abuse,” said Department of Children and Families Secretary David Wilkins. 

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