Each and every day across this nation someone is injured in a semi truck crash. Usually, the person injured is someone in the smaller vehicle—not the truck driver. Sadly, some of these truck accidents could have been prevented, but occurred because of overloaded cargo.

Cargo loads are still a reason why a Sarasota semi truck crash occurs. In fact, negligent actions taken by truck drivers, dock workers, loaders and other employees of the trucking company can cause a family to grieve the loss of someone they love due to overloaded cargo.

Some unethical companies believe that they make more money shipping more than what they are allowed to transport in weight. This causes them to overload the trailer with more goods than what is legal. When a truck weighs more than the 80,000 pounds that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration permits, the truck’s load is more prone to shift or cause an accident due to the following:

  • Improperly loaded cargo can shift and cause a truck to jackknife, overturn and crash
  • Overloaded cargo can cause a semi truck to take longer to come to a complete stop, causing a rear-end crash
  • Too much cargo can lead to unbalanced loads, causing the cargo to slide and shift, resulting in a wreck

Truckers are required to properly secure their loads, evenly distribute the cargo, balance the cargo weight over multiple axles and carry no more than the maximum weight limit.

If you were injured in a Florida semi truck crash, it may be a result of a shifting load or too-heavy load. A skilled Sarasota semi truck crash lawyer can investigate to find out if the trucker or trucking company involved in your crash could be liable for your accident and injuries. Call Mallard Perez for a free consultation at (888) 409-3805 today. 
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