Our Sarasota personal injury law firm has recently written articles on the dangers of distracted driving. One of the articles we wrote focused on female teenagers being more prone to talk and text behind the wheel. In that article, we advised parents of teenagers to talk with their teens about the dangers of distracted driving.

Although talking may help instill the message in the minds of teenagers, there are some other things that parents can do to make sure their teens are safe when driving in South Florida. When parents are looking at purchasing vehicles for their teenage drivers, there are some features in cars that could help prevent an auto accident caused by inattentive drivers. These features include:
  • Lane departure warning – this system checks for lane markings through an embedded camera and generates a signal if the car is crossing over the lane markings. Some lane departure warning systems force the vehicle back into their lane if a signal is not turned on. This can help keep a distracted driver from veering into another lane and causing a Sarasota car crash.
  • Collision warning – this system detects if the car is closing in on an object or vehicle too fast. If the system detects this is occurring, it will apply the brakes, tighten the seat belts, and make audible alerts in order to help the driver avoid a collision with another vehicle due to inattentive driving.
  • Other warning systems – some safety systems in vehicles will apply the brakes or take over if it senses that the driver is not reacting quickly enough to danger.

Sometimes car accidents in Florida occur due to no fault of yours or your teenager’s. If you or your son or daughter were injured in a Sarasota car accident, please call Mallard Perez, an experienced Sarasota personal injury law firm, for a free, no-obligation consultation at (888) 409-3805. 
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