When driving, it is tempting to reach down and grab a ringing or buzzing phone in order to read a text message or answer a phone call. Because the state of Florida doesn’t have any law prohibiting texting and driving, teen drivers may not see anything wrong with participating in this type of driving behavior.

In fact, texting while driving is an escalating trend that is threatening today’s youth. Unfortunately, a 2012 bill (SB 416) that proposed prohibiting texting while driving in Florida died in the Senate Transportation Committee after advancing through several rounds of votes. Despite the attempts in our state to pass a texting while driving ban, our Sarasota accident attorneys embrace National Teens Don’t Text and Drive Week.

During the week of November 18-24, 2012, we support parents, teachers, and policyholders in encouraging teens not to text and drive. AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign is raising awareness about the dangers of texting while driving during National Teen Driver Safety Week and is asking teens to take the pledge.  

The telecommunication giant also conducted a poll of teens, and here are the results:

  • 97% of teens know texting while driving is dangerous
  • Of those who believe it is dangerous, 43% still admitted to sending a text while driving
  • 75% of teens said texting while driving is common among their friends
  • 60% of teens understand that texting while driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving

If you or your teenager suffered injuries in a Sarasota car accident due to someone else texting or behaving negligently, call a Sarasota personal injury lawyer about your rights. You can reach Mallard Perez at 888-409-3805 for a complimentary consultation today. 

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