In December of 2011, Zachary Tomaselli filed a lawsuit against former Syracuse University assistant basketball Coach Bernie Fine alleging that he was sexually abused in January of 2002. The lawsuit was initiated earlier than originally planned after Mr. Fine’s lawyer publicly accused Mr. Tomaselli of lying about the allegations. Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick called into question the credibility of Mr. Fine’s claims due to his school records and the team’s travel records.
Why is Mr. Tomaselli’s credibility being called into question? The following is an analysis of the key points of both sides of the claims:
  • Mr. Tomaselli’s attorney says that the records do not match up with the allegations because Mr. Tomeselli did not travel on the team’s flight. Instead, he travelled on a bus with college boosters and helpers.
  • U.S. Secret Service agents searched Fine’s home in Fayetteville, New York as part of an ongoing federal investigation.
  • Mr. Tomaselli says that he did not come forward until 2008 because he did not know that what happened was considered sexual abuse.
  • Mr. Tomaselli claims that he is deeply religious and therefore that the behavior was sinful and his own fault.
  • Mr. Tomaselli’s attorney claims the lawsuit limits the amount of details only because he is still investigating whether there are claims against Syracuse officials and the school itself as well.
  • Mr. Tomaselli’s father has previously stated that he believes his son is lying.
  • Mr. Tomaselli faces criminal charges in Maine that he molested a young boy. He plans to plead guilty and claims that speaking out against Fine is part of an attempt to take responsibility for his behavior.
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