For years, Florida has held the top spot in the nation as having the most dangerous intersection. This intersection, located at Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard in Pembroke Pines, is considered the worst intersection according to insurance companies. Because there is more traffic in this location, there is a higher rate of collisions.

However, this intersection isn’t the only one in Florida that motorists need to worry about. In fact, every intersection needs to be approached carefully in order to minimize your chances of being involved and injured in a Florida intersection accident.

Here Are Some Tips to Minimize Florida Intersection Accidents:

  • Obey traffic lights
  • When the light turns yellow, come to a stop instead of speeding up
  • When the light turns green, look both ways before accelerating
  • Always watch for bicyclists and pedestrians at intersections and yield to them
  • Only make a turn when traffic is clear and it is absolutely safe

The next time you come to an intersection, think about the safety tips above. Never ignore the rules of the road and proceed with great caution. However, even the safest driver still may be injured in an intersection accident due to another’s negligence.

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