According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 70% of bicycle fatalities occurred in urban areas in 2009, with the remaining fatalities taking place in rural regions. Rural and urban crashes each have unique factors that contribute to the frequency in which they occur.

 How do urban and rural bicycle accidents compare?

The following is a list of facts about Sarasota bicycle accidents occurring in urban areas:

  • A greater number of vehicles may be parked parallel to the roadway in urban areas, resulting in crashes. When the driver opens the door, the cyclist rides straight into it.
  • Accidents occurring on the way in or out of large parking garages are common, where the driver of the vehicle may not see or have sufficient reaction time to avoid the bicyclist.
  • Intersection-related bicycle crashes are twice as likely to occur in urban areas.
  • Some of the most common accidents happening in urban areas result when either motorists or bicyclists fail to yield.

In comparison, the following is an overview of Sarasota bike crashes taking place in rural regions:

  • An overwhelming majority of accidents occurring in rural areas take place on roadways with unpaved shoulders.
  • Crashes occurring on higher speed limit roadways of 50 miles-per-hour or more happen more frequently in rural areas than urban.
  • Accidents in which the motorists were traveling between the speeds of 41 and 60 miles per hour occur more often in rural areas than urban.
  • The most frequent causes of crashes in rural areas include bicyclists merging into the path of the driver and drivers overtaking the bicyclist.

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