There have been one too many incidents of nursing home abuse in Florida and nationwide. Some nursing homes are being shut down, some are being fined and placed on the federal watchlist, and more complaints about mistreatment have surfaced. For this reason, many people including residents, family members of residents, and authorities want to be able to use video cameras in nursing homes when there is suspicion of neglect and mistreatment.

This is exactly what authorities in Ohio did. The Ohio attorney general’s office installed “granny cams” to spy on a nursing home that received many complaints about mistreatment. Because of their investigation, footage of abuse was captured. Most states will not allow surveillance cameras in patients’ rooms. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine noted that it was the first time authorities in his state used cameras to investigate, and it won’t be the last.

Should Videos Cameras Be Allowed in Nursing Homes Nationwide?

If video cameras were placed in nursing homes, they would capture what takes place in specific patients’ rooms. The goal would be to ensure nursing home patients are receiving proper care and are not victims of abuse and neglect. However, nursing home employees and others have voiced their objections due to privacy concerns.

Although a standardized video monitoring system in nursing homes could help prevent nursing home abuse, it is likely to receive objections and may take some time to pass. However, Florida is one state that has conducted video-monitoring pilot programs. While surveillance cameras in Florida aren’t completely prohibited, they could violate the law. For this reason, if you suspect nursing home abuse in Sarasota, you should consult with the proper authorities and a nursing home abuse attorney before acting on your own.

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