When sexual abuse or inappropriate touching of a minor occurs, we at Mallard Perez are outraged. Last year we reported that a Manatee High School assistant football coach was being investigated for groping and inappropriate behavior towards female students. After a lengthy investigation, there is now an update to former coach Rod Frazier’s criminal case.

Rod Frazier was charged with seven counts of battery as a result of groping students and teachers at Manatee High School. Some of the things he was accused of include:

  • Grabbing a former student’s buttocks and making her sit on his lap
  • Making a former student give him long hugs and touching her buttocks
  • Asking a former student to send him a nude picture of her
  • Requesting a former student to have sex with another person and allowing him to watch
  • Tapping his hand on a guidance counselor’s chest and bra area

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, Frazier pleaded no contest to six counts. While he had an upcoming trial date scheduled for June, he entered into an agreement with the state and pled no contest so that he could avoid jail time. As a result of pleading no contest, the state dropped some of the charges against Frazier in exchange for the pleas.

Although Frazier will not be serving jail time for inappropriately touching students, the terms of the agreement will place him on house arrest for six months, probation for three years, and he will have to do 90 days of community service. He is also ordered to have no contact with the victims, and he has to surrender his teaching and coaching license—never being allowed to teach or coach at any public school in Florida for the rest of his life.

Because three former school district officials were informed of the inappropriate touching but didn’t report the child abuse allegations to the state, they will be facing charges in their upcoming trial on June 16. For updates about that trial, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Watch video of Alice Kaddatz, one of the victim's mothers, speak out on the charges against Rod Frazier. 

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