It seems like motorcycle accidents are inevitable because there are many dangerous drivers on the roads. Whether drivers are participating in texting and driving, drunk driving, or aggressive driving, many motorists are only looking out for themselves. While it might be hard to completely miss seeing a car or truck, many drivers don’t look closely for smaller vehicles on the road such as motorcycles.

Most of the time motorcycle accidents are caused when other drivers have failed to yield, failed to signal, and failed to look out for motorcycles. While most motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of cars, motorcyclists are sometimes to blame for crashing. This is why we urge all motorcyclists in the Sarasota area to follow these five tips this summer and year round, including:

  1. Don’t speed. When motorcyclists speed, they are breaking the traffic laws, and it can be hard to slow down in the event the pavement changes or when confronted with a road hazard.
  2. Don’t forget your helmet and safety gear. Motorcycle helmets and leather gear can help protect against serious injuries in the event of a crash.
  3. Don’t drive impaired by drugs or alcohol. By avoiding impaired riding, it will decrease your chances of being in a motorcycle accident.
  4. Don’t fail to check your tires and maintain your motorcycle. Bike maintenance is important in order to make sure you have adequate tread and tire pressure, which can help reduce your chances of a wreck.
  5. Don’t drive in a car’s blind spot. Most drivers have a difficult time seeing motorcycles, which is why you never want to be in a driver’s blind spot.

If you agree with these motorcycle accident tips and want to help other bikers reduce their chances of being involved in a crash this summer, please share this information with them on Facebook or Twitter.

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