Elderly people often get placed in nursing homes in Florida because of disabilities or old age, or for rehabilitation following a surgery. Nursing homes are supposed to give proper medical care and attention to their patients; however, oftentimes this does not happen and patients suffer from neglect. 

For example, nursing homes sometimes fail to take the necessary steps to prevent a patient’s infection from spreading or getting worse. When patients develop infections and those infections grow worse as a result of neglect and improper nursing home care, their loved ones may have a reason to file a Sarasota nursing home abuse claim. 

Pursuing a Wrongful Death Claim for Florida Nursing Home Abuse

With proper care and attention, most infections can be treated and cured. If a nursing home fails to catch the infection in time or provide your parent or relative with proper medical care, though, the infection can turn deadly. 

Nursing home neglect and improper care are reasons for filing a nursing home abuse claim in Sarasota, especially if your loved one died as a result. If you lost an elderly parent because of a Florida nursing home infection, no amount of money will bring your parent back. Still, if the nursing home neglected its responsibilities, you should hold the home accountable so it doesn’t happen to another patient.

For help filing a nursing home injury lawsuit, call a skilled Sarasota nursing home abuse attorney. We can help you seek justice and get compensation for many damages associated with the death of your loved one. You can reach Mallard Perez today at (888) 409-3805 for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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