Overloading trucks makes them more difficult to control. These trucks also have a higher risk of causing a Sarasota truck accident. The large size of a truck as compared to the smaller size of most other vehicles traveling on Florida roadways may result in devastating injuries to the victims of an accident. As a result, reducing the number of incidents of overloaded or improperly loaded trucks is important for preventing injuries to Florida motorists.

How can Sarasota truck crashes be prevented?

  • Federal and State Regulations - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues regulations which are designed to prevent overloading of commercial trucks. As part of these regulations, commercial trucks must comply with the following:
      • The truck and its cargo cannot weigh over 80,000 pounds
      • The cargo must be distributed evenly
      • The cargo must be sufficiently secured
Similarly, the state of Florida imposes restrictions which include truck weight restrictions
  • Proper Training - Florida truck companies must properly train their drivers to understand the weight of the cargo they are responsible for transporting, as well as the best ways for distributing and adequately securing it.
  • Regular Inspections -Continuously inspecting the heavy cargo of large trucks is also important in preventing accidents. These inspections may be mandated by federal or state law or the policies of the company employing the driver.

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