When you are researching your care options such as assisted living facilities or nursing homes, or if you are trying to find a reliable facility for your loved one, you need to know how to look up ratings and facility violations before you make your decision.

Many people often turn to the closest nursing home facility in their neighborhood; however, that facility may not be the best choice. Florida nursing homes are reviewed on a number of things such as bedsores, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and overuse of restraints. Because there are some bad nursing homes who have been cited for these things, you need to make sure you choose the right assisted living facility or nursing home so that you or your loved one does not become a victim of nursing home abuse in Sarasota.

How to Check Out a Nursing Home

There are many helpful resources that can help you in your search the right nursing home that will provide great care, including:

By checking for previous violations, you may help avoid nursing home abuse. However, abuse can occur even in the nicest of facilities. If you are a victim, call a caring and skilled Sarasota nursing home abuse lawyer at Mallard Perez at 888-409-3805 and receive a free consultation today.

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