As news of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal spread throughout the country this week, there was one group of people who weren't surprised by the accusations, the charges, or the alleged years of unreported assaults: former victims of sexual abuse.

NHL player Theoren Fleury, for one, told The National Post that child sexual abuse continues to be a hidden epidemic, robbing children of their childhood and creating years of emotional trauma. Fleury, who was sexually abused as a young teen by a hockey coach, struggled with addiction for years and has only recently told his story of surviving molestation.

Here is a quick look at two other recent child sex abuse scandals:


  • Catholic sex abuse cover-ups. Beginning in the 1980s and up until quite recently, the Catholic Church as been accused of covering up multiple sex abuse cases and protecting alleged abusers. 
  • Boy Scouts of America sex abuse cases. Over the last 40 years, thousands of Boy Scouts and former scouts have come forward with shocking claims of abuse, assault, and rape at the hands of scout leaders and other volunteers.


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