People walk along Bee Ridge Road for a number of reasons, including exercise and saving money at the pump. While there are many advantages to walking, there are also many risks that pedestrians face while traversing this Sarasota road.

Cars are moving fast and are traveling close to pedestrians along this road. Not only are pedestrians in danger while walking along Bee Ridge Road, but this road was ranked the third highest in crashes in the 12 counties that make up the Florida Department of Transportation’s  (FDOT) District One, according to an ABC 7 News report.

As a result of the risks pedestrians face along this Sarasota road, FDOT held a public hearing on May 1, 2014 to discuss its plans to add 12 pedestrian islands and improve pedestrian safety along Bee Ridge Road from U.S. 41 to Dunn Drive near Urfer Park.

Until this project is completed, pedestrians need to make sure they are visible when they walk and that they are on alert to guard against being a Florida pedestrian statistic. Sadly, 12 pedestrian accidents in the city in which pedestrians were injured have occurred already this year, according to the Herald Tribune and Sarasota police records. While the city is trying to make our roads more pedestrian friendly, pedestrians will always be at risk due to distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians.

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