With just over a month of school left for Sarasota County schools, sometimes pedestrian safety is the furthest thing from a child’s mind. Towards the end of the school year, children are focused on last day of school celebrations and their upcoming summer plans and vacations. Unfortunately, sometimes pedestrian safety can become forgotten in the excitement of the upcoming summer break.

While parents often focus on pedestrian safety at the beginning of the school year, they often forget to remind their kids half way through the year and towards the end of the year about safe walking habits, such as:

  • Stopping at the curb and looking left, right, left and behind and in front for traffic
  • Always looking for cars before crossing the street
  • Using crosswalks when crossing
  • Don’t run across the street
  • Sticking to the safe route that was picked out
  • Walking with friends when possible
  • Don’t push others when walking near traffic
  • Wearing bright colors to be seen
  • Obeying school crossing guards

Make sure your child finishes the school year out without being in a pedestrian accident on the way to or from school. By reminding your child of these pedestrian safety tips, your child will have a better chance of staying safe and free from pedestrian injuries—and he or she will have a happier summer vacation.

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