In a recent article, we discussed lower-leg injuries motorcyclists sustain in Sarasota motorcycle accidents. In this blog, we are going to continue to focus on lower leg-injuries, including ankle and foot injuries that bikers often suffer from.

Broken ankles and injuries to the anklebone, called the talus, or injuries to the heal bone, called the calcaneus, often occur to injured motorcyclists in wrecks where they lay their bikes over or are thrown from their bikes.

Whether a biker sustains a fracture to the calcaneus or suffers a malleolar fracture, injuries to the ankles and feet are incredibly complex. People with ankle and foot injuries tend to have different outcomes, as everyone heals differently. Additionally, some ankle and foot fractures can be more severe and complex, requiring permanent fixation of the ankle joint, additional surgeries, and lengthy physical therapy and healing time.

What an Ankle Injury May Be Worth in a Sarasota Bike Crash

When a biker shatters both ankle bones in a Florida motorcycle crash, his case may be worth more than someone else’s lower-leg injury. If you suffered a lower-leg injury in a Sarasota motorcycle wreck, find out what your case value may be by talking with an experienced accident attorney prior to accepting the insurance company’s settlement offer.

Insurance companies often try to settle personal injury cases for as little money as they can. Because of this, having an experienced Sarasota personal injury lawyer on your side can help you receive a larger settlement. Call Mallard Perez to learn more about your case value today, at (888) 409-3805, in a free, no-obligation consultation.

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