In nursing homes, patients are often abused in ways that are not always obvious. When we hear about nursing home abuse, we generally picture physical abuse, but psychological and financial abuse can be even more common.

The problem with abuse, especially non-physical abuse, in nursing homes is that it can be very difficult to detect. Many times, abusers gain the trust of their victims and turn them against their families and friends. The abuse may start subtly at first, slowly cutting off the victim’s communication with the outside world. It may also come in the form of influencing consent in important decisions. Regardless of the form it takes, it is not unusual for victims to deny that anything is wrong.

Why Would Victims Protect Their Abusers?

In cases of abuse, victims often protect their abusers. For people outside of the abusive relationship, it can be very difficult to understand why victims refuse to acknowledge abuse or speak out against their abusers.

A simple explanation would be that many nursing home abuse victims suffer from Stockholm syndrome, where victims bond with their abusers. In these cases, your elderly relatives may feel as though the abuser is protecting them from worse abuse, or they may believe that they are not being abused at all.

It can be very difficult to pursue abuse claims when your loved one is uncooperative with providing information, but remember—they are still victims of abuse, and even though they deny it, they need your help.

If you suspect that a family member is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional, or financial abuse in a Florida nursing home, you need to take action today. Contact our firm today by clicking on the live chat link, and let us help you protect your loved one and bring them justice.


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