We at Mallard Perez are OUTRAGED at the amount of High School Assistant Football coaches who are being investigated and/or charged for indecent acts on young people.

Here in the Sarasota area- Manatee High School Assistant Football coach, Rod Frazier is being investigated for indecent acts on a female student. In January of this year, a young woman came forward to say that she felt Rod Frazier had been inappropriate towards her. She wrote a 3-page letter to the principal at Manatee High School claiming that Rod Frazier groped her, sent her hundreds of text messages, and even asked for nude pictures from her.

The case was closed after a VERY short investigation done by the district investigator, Debra Horne in November. Debra Horne decided the “allegations were unspecific” and it was just a “rumor mill issue.” As a result of the investigation Rod Frazier was put on paid leave for a day and then allowed to return back to the school.

How would you feel if your daughter/cousin/niece/sister had the strength to come forward after a “well-liked” authority figure took advantage of them and then their allegations were thrown in the trash so to speak? When local law enforcement found out about what was going on- a massive investigation was launched.

After a very thorough search, police are now recommending several people in the school district be charged with crimes in connection with the investigation of Rod Frazier, including Manatee High School Assistant principals, Gregg Faller and Matthew Kane. Police are also recommending former Manatee district investigator, Debra Horne and Assistant Superintendent, Bob Gagnon be charged with failing to report allegations of child abuse and providing false information.

Then, just last week- A Lake Gibson High School Assistant Football coach, James Arnett was charged with child pornography. The images were found on a thumb drive that he left at the school. A student then found the thumb drive, looked at it, and immediately reported what was seen.

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