Snowbird season is here and with it comes crowded roadways, rubbernecking, and slow-moving vehicles. This is because there are many elderly drivers that converge in Florida for this stretch of the year, traveling here to avoid cold winters up north. Unfortunately, a surge in older drivers also tends to affect the flow of traffic and increase Florida auto accidents.

How Can You Spot a Snowbird?

Many Floridians identify snowbirds by the following description, including:

  • Drivers with out-of-state license plates from northern states
  • Drivers of oversized cars such as a Lincoln or Cadillac
  • Drivers traveling under the normal speed limit
  • Drivers who pull out in front of moving traffic
  • Drivers who make unexpected stops and turns

By identifying potential snowbirds on the road, you may be able to avoid being involved and injured in a Sarasota snowbird accident. While not every snowbird is a poor driver, many elderly drivers are and have caused or contributed to Floridians getting hurt on the roadways during the winter months.

Whether you were in a rear-end accident or another type of collision with a snowbird, if you suffered injuries ranging from broken bones to critical life-altering injuries, you need to pursue a personal injury claim in Florida to recover your damages. After getting medical attention for your injuries, call our Sarasota personal injury law firm to find out about your rights and how to protect your interests. Mallard Perez can be reached at 888-409-3805 for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.

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