Most children seem to enjoy being part of a Boy Scout troop. They learn new things, go on trips, and get to interact with their friends. However, one child’s experience in the Boy Scouts could be drastically different from another’s boy’s experience due to lax supervision and sexual abuse.

When adult leaders are not supervising children properly, younger children are often left to the supervision of teenage scouts. In fact, older scouts are given authority over younger scouts. Sadly, some younger children have been victims of Florida sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts—and not by adults, but instead by other children.

Scenarios such as these have occurred in Southwest Florida Boy Scout troops:

  • A teenage boy held a knife to a younger boy’s throat and forced him to engage in oral sex.
  • A teenage boy physically threatened a younger boy and forced him to allow another scout to perform oral sex on him.

The victims and their families in these cases are seeking justice and wanting to know why the troop leaders did not spot or prevent abuse from happening. Additionally, it has been learned that the Southwest Florida Council knew about different bullying and abuse cases in local troops, but failed to do anything to prevent the abuse from reoccurring.

As a result, civil lawsuits have been filed, and Sarasota child abuse attorney Damian Mallard is helping families seek justice. In addition to compensation, the families also want the Boy Scouts of America to release its files regarding scout-on-scout sexual abuse. Although a Sarasota judge has ordered the Boy Scouts of America to release these files, also known as “perversion files,” the Boy Scouts is appealing the release of these records.

“Had they disseminated the information we now know that they have, these boys could have been armed with the information, training, and an idea of what to do if they were confronted with such a scenario,” said Mallard.

When children are sexually abused in the Boy Scouts by other children, their lives change forever. If your child was a victim of Florida sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts, please contact Mallard Perez. To speak with a knowledgeable Sarasota child abuse attorney in a free initial consultation, call us today at 888-409-3805. Also, please request a free copy of our book, When the Unthinkable Happens: Your Guide to Florida Child Abuse Claims.

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