When a child gets injured on playground equipment, it can cause a child serious pain and discomfort as well as emotional and social damages. Additionally, a playground accident can leave your family dealing with the financial effects of your child’s injury.

If your child has been hurt while playing on a Florida school playground due to defects, lack of supervision, failure to maintain the equipment or lack of safety ground cover, you need to know what to do in order to maximize your child’s potential legal claim for damages. The steps you take could determine how much compensation your son or daughter will or won’t receive.

For this reason, you should not deal with a Florida playground injury on your own. You should contact a Sarasota child injury lawyer for legal advice. An attorney can answer your questions, inform you of what steps to take and help you make a financial recovery for your child’s injuries.

Children who have suffered playground injuries often need surgery, physical therapy, ongoing rehabilitation and even psychological care. It is important to get your child the medical care he or she needs, which is why you should get compensated accordingly. Unfortunately, schools and their insurance companies do not want to pay injured children the amount of compensation that they truly deserve.

Mallard Perez wants to help you make a fair financial recovery for your injured child. Call us today to discuss your case with an experienced Florida child injury lawyer in a free consultation at 888-409-3805.

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