We have previously discussed lower leg injuries in Sarasota motorcycle accidents. Now we would like to focus on upper leg injuries that can result from motorcycle crashes here in Florida. One such upper leg injury is a femur fracture.

The femur is also known as the thighbone. It is the strongest and longest bone (extending from the hip joint to the knee joint) in the human body. Due to the fact that it is such a strong bone, a lot of force is necessary to break it; however, in violent motorcycle crashes, femur fractures can and do occur.

Here are some of the symptoms of a femur fracture following a forceful Sarasota motorcycle crash:

  • Strong pain in the injured thigh
  • Swelling of the affected thigh
  • Unable to move the leg
  • Inability to bear weight and walk
  • A noticeable deformity of the thigh
  • Poor sensation and circulation

When a femur fracture occurs in a wreck, it can be very serious – even deadly. Some broken femurs have led to death or serious health complications. Because this is a vital bone, surgery is required to stabilize the injured leg. Healing may take several months, and in some cases up to a year. Not only are femur injuries extremely painful, but they can be expensive as an ambulance ride and emergency room visit will likely take place. Additionally, an injured motorcyclist will need surgery, physical therapy, and ongoing medical care.

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