As the population in this nation continues to age and people live longer, millions of seniors will become nursing home residents in the next several years. What’s scary is that nursing homes are not always safe havens for the elderly. Instead of seniors getting to live out their golden years in happy, safe places, many become victims of abuse and neglect. In fact, sexual abuse in Florida nursing homes is a very real problem, as it is throughout America.

Here Are Some Facts About Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

  • It is a very real problem nationwide
  • It is the least type of abuse detected
  • It is the least type of abuse reported
  • It is the least acknowledged type of abuse
  • Thousands of elderly nursing home patients suffer from nursing home abuse annually

There are many victims of nursing home abuse who cannot speak, who are not able to express what happened, or who are intimidated to keep quiet. This is why family members should learn how to spot signs of sexual abuse including:

  • Torn clothing
  • Bruising around inner thighs
  • Bruising around breasts
  • Genital bleeding
  • Infections or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Trouble walking or standing
  • Behavioral changes
  • Withdrawing from people and things they used to like

If you have spotted one or more of the above signs, or if you suspect your loved one is a victim of abuse in a Florida nursing home, you should contact a caring and experienced Sarasota elder abuse attorney for help holding the despicable person and nursing home liable for your loved one’s damages. Contact Mallard Perez to discuss filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit at 888-409-3805 for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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