You send your child to school to receive an education, not to be abused. When you find out that your child has suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher, school employee, or other student, you need to know what to do next in order to prove your child’s case.

Typically, child abuse may be discovered through direct disclosure (i.e., your child tells you he or she has been abused). Or, it may come to light through an indirect way (i.e., you or someone else witnessed the abuse, your child becomes pregnant, or your child contracts a sexually transmitted disease).

When someone witnesses sexual abuse, it is generally a case that can easily be proven. On the other hand, when your child tells you that he or she was abused at school, it may be hard to prove. However, you should always believe your child when he or she tells you something like this. In fact, some child experts believe that children would never lie about being sexually abused.

Even though it is difficult to accept that your child was abused, you need to believe your son or daughter. Unfortunately, Sarasota child sexual abuse cases can be hard to prove because it is only a child’s word against an abuser’s statement. If there is no evidence or witnesses, the school or organization may try to dismiss your claim.

For help proving your child’s case, you should contact an experienced Florida school sex abuse lawyer at Mallard Perez today. To find out your next steps and how to protect your child’s rights, call 888-409-3805 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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