Most workplaces have hazards that many business owners and employees overlook. What about the burned out lights in the hallway or the extension cord strung out on the floor? Often times theses hazards go unnoticed until it is too late. Then someone trips and falls over the exposed extension cord or doesn’t see the clutter in the hallway due to the poor lighting.

Because most slip and fall accidents in Sarasota and throughout our nation can be prevented, it is wise that all employees in the workplace work together to help prevent slip, trips, and fall accidents. While it is an employer’s role to provide a safe work environment, workers have to do their part as well to improve their safety and the safety of their coworkers. Things that can be done include:

  • Report inadequate lighting
  • Close filing cabinets and drawers when done with them
  • Don’t string cables or extension cords over walkways
  • Never carry something that would prevent you from seeing where you are walking
  • Wear the appropriate shoes for the job (i.e., restaurant workers should wear non-slip shoes)
  • Pick up clutter in the walkways when you see it
  • Report any hazard and use caution signs to warn others about it

Workers can do their part to help improve workplace safety and reduce the possibility of being injured in a Sarasota slip and fall accident. However, workplace safety is ultimately the responsibility of the company. Sometimes walking surfaces need to be modified or repaired to improve everyone’s safety, but a company may not want to spend the money on the repairs.

If a business owner’s negligence caused your injuries, you may have rights to be compensated accordingly. Contact a skilled Sarasota slip and fall injury attorney at Mallard Perez today at 888-409-3805 for a free initial consultation.

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