It’s no secret that seniors in Florida are more prone to slip and fall accidents and injuries. While many falls are due to the normal aging process since seniors become more wobbly, fragile, and weak, there are many falls attributed to environmental hazards. In fact, the Brain Injury Association of America states that approximately one-third of falls are caused from environmental hazards, which can include:

  • Neglected maintenance of public or private premises
  • Poor maintenance of stairs
  • Poor lighting
  • Objects in the walkway

Because falls are the leading cause of brain injuries and fall rates are the highest among senior citizens over the age of 75, the Brain Injury Association of America has recommended some steps seniors can take to prevent being injured in a slip and fall accident. Some of these things include:

  • Wear the right shoes, those with a non-slip sole
  • Don’t leave objects out in the hallway at home
  • Have eyesight checked regularly
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting at home
  • Exercise to help build flexibility and strength

While there are many things seniors can do at home to help alleviate their chances of falling, we also know that seniors aren’t responsible for all hazardous environmental factors. Many landlords, restaurants, grocery stores, and big box stores fail to keep their premises safe by not cleaning spills up immediately, not removing obstacles from walkways, not placing orange cones or warning signs out, and not using non-slip floor mats at the entrance.

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