Although millions of people break bones in their bodies every year, and broken bones and hip fractures increase with age, hip fractures in the elderly are a major health concern that could have life-altering consequences.

Hip fractures in nursing home residents are a serious health concern. This is primarily because it can take an elderly person a longer time to heal. Once a nursing home resident suffers a hip fracture, it can affect his or her immune system and cause the individual’s health to take a downward spiral.

The reality is that broken bones are a bigger danger to elderly people because anytime a senior has to undergo surgery there could be possible life-endangering complications. Some of the complications that can occur following a broken hip for an elderly nursing home resident include:

  • Development of blood clots after surgery
  • Bedsores as a result of neglect during recovery
  • Weakened immune system
  • Other medical complications like pneumonia
  • Infections that can lead to death

Although nursing home workers are aware of these life-threatening consequences of a broken hip, many nursing home staff members continue to neglect residents—leaving them to fall and suffer hip injuries. Sadly, many elderly people who suffer from broken hips remain in nursing homes until they pass away. Unfortunately, some elderly people have died as a result of a fractured hip due to blood clots and infections.

If your loved one suffered complications from a broken hip or died following a hip fracture, you may have a claim against the nursing home for negligence. To learn more about your rights to a legal claim, request a free copy of our book, The Florida Nursing Home Abuse Handbook: Ways to Recognize and Prevent Abuse and Neglect.

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