At the end of a senior’s high school year, all the tension and stress of finals as well as excitement about the future is released on Grad Night. After graduation, or during the weekend following graduation, teenagers often attend parties to celebrate graduating from high school. However, these graduation parties or Grad Night activities often involve alcohol.

When celebrating involves alcoholic beverages, many teens get in their cars after a night of partying to drive home. Unfortunately, some teenagers never make it home, as they get into tragic Sarasota car crashes.

An 18-year-old graduated from high school last year only to be killed hours after he received his diploma. Sadly, Brandon Nicosia got into his friend’s car after celebrating graduation last June. While Brandon died, his friend lived. He was charged with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence.

While graduating is a major accomplishment, some teenagers throw it all away by drinking and driving. Sadly, alcohol and drugs are major factors in graduation night car accidents in Florida and nationwide. Statistics indicate that Grad Night is one of the most dangerous times in a teenager’s life.

As high school graduation approaches, we are reminded that memorable occasions such graduation often involve alcohol and fatal drunk driving accidents in Florida and nationwide. When teens are intoxicated and get behind the wheel of their cars, they can injure or kill themselves, their passengers, and other innocent motorists sharing the road with them.

We encourage parents to talk with their teenagers. Educate them about the dangers of drinking and driving on Grad Night and the dangers of getting into a car with someone else who has been drinking. Let your teenagers know you care.

Even after your best efforts, if your teenager is injured in a car accident on graduation night due to someone else’s fault, please call Mallard Perez. Contact us today at 888-409-3805 to speak with a knowledgeable Sarasota accident attorney in a complimentary consultation.

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