According the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the number of individuals who die as a result of a motorcycle accidentis 37 times higher per mile traveled than those who die as a result of a car crash. Riders of motorcycles simply do not have the same protection as those riding in cars or trucks. As a result, it is essential for the prevention of injuries from Sarasota motorcycle accidents that both drivers and passengers use helmets.

While Florida does have laws pertaining to motorcycle helmets, these laws still allow drivers to operate a motorcycle without wearing a helmet if the driver or passenger meets certain requirements. In Florida, it is legal not to wear a helmet if:

  • You are a driver who is aged 21 or older
  • You are a passenger who is aged 21 or older
  • You have liability insurance that provides a minimum of $10,000 in coverage for medical bills in the event of a motorcycle accident

Unfortunately, $10,000 will barely scratch the service of most medical costs following a Sarasota motorcycle accident. The Journal of Trauma Nursing reports that the average medical cost for injured motorcyclists who were not wearing helmets is $55,000. If you elect to operate your motorcycle in Florida without wearing a helmet, it is wise to obtain insurance coverage higher than the legally mandated minimum.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles publishes an approved list of motorcycle helmets for riders to review. For more information, contact an experienced Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney. Complete our online submission form or call our office at (888) 409-3805 for a complimentary consultation.

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