Nursing homes in Florida are responsible for a senior’s care, health, and wellbeing. While some nursing homes take their jobs seriously and provide great care to their residents, others have been known to commit nursing home abuse.

Five Types of Nursing Home Abuse in Florida include:

  1. Emotional abuse – also known as psychological abuse. This type of abuse includes yelling, intimidating patients, threatening, and belittling, among other things.
  2. Physical abuse – this type of nursing home abuse includes pushing, hitting, slapping, improper use of restraints, improperly medicating patients, and more.
  3. Sexual Abuse – this form of nursing home abuse involves forcing sex on a patient or causing a patient to perform a sexual act.
  4. Neglect – when nursing homes are understaffed, they often neglect their residents by not making sure they have clean clothes and sheets, or by not providing enough water, food, and care.
  5. Financial Abuse – this occurs when a nursing home staff member steals money or deceives an elderly patient out of their money or possessions.

Any type of Florida nursing home abuse is disgusting and cruel. Elderly people who cannot care for themselves should be cared for by the staff at nursing homes and not abused. If you have witnessed abuse signs or your loved one has told you about any type of nursing home abuse, you and your family may have a legal case against that nursing home.

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