Maybe you were crossing the street—following the pedestrian traffic laws—when you were struck by a car. Unfortunately, negligent drivers are the cause of injured pedestrians in Sarasota. Whether they were texting while driving, distracted for another reason, late and speeding, or just plain careless, their negligence has caused many pedestrians’ pain, medical bills, and lost wages.

If you have been seriously injured, you are most likely wondering how you will get your medical bills paid and be reimbursed for your lost income. The good news is that Florida’s personal injury protection (PIP) laws are designed to pay for lost wages and medical expenses, even if you are not in a vehicle. This means that injured pedestrians in Sarasota are covered if they are Florida residents.

Securing Lost Income Compensation

You will be eligible for PIP benefits in Florida if you see a doctor within 14 days of your accident. Tell your doctor about your injuries and describe your job. Explain to the doctor all the physical activities your job requires you to do so that your doctor can determine if you can or cannot return to work temporarily or permanently.

Sometimes you may return to work only to find that your injuries are preventing you from doing your job. Even if you have attempted to return to work but realized you cannot perform your job duties, you may still be entitled to PIP benefits for lost income.

In the case that your lost income surpasses the benefits you are entitled to under the law, you may want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. For help making sure you get the maximum compensation possible following your injury, call a skilled Sarasota pedestrian injury lawyer at Mallard Perez. Dial 888-409-3805 for a free consultation today.

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