While new evidence suggests that car accident fatalities for older drivers has declined, the facts remain that drivers age 80 and older still have the highest crash fatality rates among other age groups. What’s concerning is that Florida has the most elderly drivers than any other state. Not only is this fact worrisome for relatives who don’t want their elderly loved ones involved in deadly auto accidents, but it is concerning to everyone else who shares the road with elderly drivers.

Many senior citizens residing in the Sunshine State like the freedom and independence that comes with driving. While some seniors over 80 are well-equipped to drive safely, others are a danger to themselves and others on the road. Unfortunately, countless elderly drivers don’t want to give up their car keys—even when faced with the harsh reality of fatal elderly driver car accident rates.

Can Relatives Help?

Apart from taking the car keys away from your elderly mother or father, relatives who want to help keep their loved ones and others safe on the road can do a few things:

  • Make sure your elderly mother and father get routine eye exams.
  • Ensure your senior parents are getting regular medical and physical exams.
  • Make sure your elderly parents aren’t taking medications that could impair their driving.

While these are good steps to take, there is no denying that seniors suffer from poor vision, health conditions, loss of physical agility, and declining motor skills. Unfortunately, these are all factors that have led to senior citizen car crashes in the Sarasota area.

Although there isn’t one set age in which car keys should be taken away from senior drivers, adult children should be mindful of how their aging parents are driving. As car accident attorneys, we encourage you to share this blog on Facebook to help bring awareness to the topic of elderly driving safety.

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