We see trucks everywhere on interstates and surface streets all around the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice area. While some trucks are being driven just for the day like garbage trucks, other trucks have traveled across the nation. Truck drivers who drive the distance bring meaning to the phrase “in it for the long haul.” In fact, they are considered long-haul truck drivers.

Because driving long distances for many hours is part of the job for long-haul drivers, their job can be extremely dangerous. This is why the government enacted new laws aimed at long-haul truckers to help prevent and reduce the amount of trucking accidents and injuries that occur in Florida and around our nation. However, these types of truck drivers are still at risk for crashing and put innocent motorists in danger as a result of the following:

  • The new rules within the trucking industry put restrictions on when long haul-truckers can drive and when they must take breaks. In fact, the new laws have forced some truckers to take breaks when they aren’t tired and travel when they are drowsy.
  • Because long-haul drivers are traveling across the nation every week, the job can take a toll on their bodies—affecting them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Demanding deadlines and traffic both cause stress and can cause harm.

When drivers are stressed out, overworked, tired, or have compromised health conditions as a result of long-haul driving, they may be more likely to cause trucking accidents. If you have suffered an injury after a truck crash, Mallard Perez will investigate thoroughly to determine the cause of the crash in order to pursue a financial recovery for you.

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