Tibia fractures are common injuries that can occur in a Sarasota truck crash. Each tibia fracture is different, based on the location of the fracture, alignment of the fracture, displacement of the fracture, and other associated injuries that a victim suffers in an accident.

The three categories of tibia fractures include:

  1. Tibial Shaft Fracture – these tibia injuries are the most common. The fracture occurs between the ankle and the knee and often requires a leg cast. Sometimes, this type of tibia fracture requires surgery to realign the bones. 
  2. Tibial Plafond Fracture – this type of tibia fracture takes place at the bottom of the shin bone at the ankle joint. Because of the potential damage to the ankle cartilage and surrounding soft tissues, this injury can be unique. 
  3. Tibial Plateau Fracture – this injury occurs just below the knee joint, which can cause damage to the knee joint and its cartilage surface, possibly resulting in knee arthritis.

When a Florida truck accident victim suffers a tibia fracture, he or she may be seriously affected, depending on the fracture and the type of treatment that is involved. Different tibia fracture treatments include:

  • Casting – when a tibia fracture can be aligned with casting, victims will receive a leg cast that extends from above the knee to the ankle.
  • Surgery – there are different types of surgery procedures for treating tibia fractures that include intrameduallary rodding, or plates and screws. The rods are more frequently used, unless the injury occurs closer to the knee or ankle joint.

Because tibia injuries can cause immobilization, resulting in the inability to work, victims need to be compensated accordingly. If you were hurt in a Sarasota truck accidentt, call Mallard Perez for a free consultation today at (888) 409-3805.

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