Seniors with Alzheimer’s struggle with their memory. Because of this, they often live in nursing homes to be taken care of. Sadly, they aren’t able to do the simplest things they used to do or even say words they used to know due to this crippling brain disease.

It’s hard enough on family members to watch their loved one decline from this disease. However, it is even worse to find out their loved one is suffering at the very hands they trusted to care for their family member. Sadly, Alzheimer’s residents are often targets of Sarasota nursing home abuse.

In order to help prevent your loved one from becoming a victim of Alzheimer’s nursing home abuse in Florida, you need to do the following four things:

  1. Visit frequently. It is good to check on your relative often and let the nursing home staff know you are there and care. Your presence may prevent your loved one from becoming a victim of abuse.
  2. Alternate times. Don’t show up to check on your loved one at the same time of the day or the same day of the week. Change it up so that nursing home staff members never know when you may show up for a visit.
  3. Talk with the staff. Make sure the nursing home employees see you at each visit and that you interact with them in some way. Tell them about your loved one so that they can get to know your relative before the Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Show appreciation. Even though you are paying the home to take care of your loved one, you should still be polite and social with the nursing home employees. Tell them “thank you” for taking care of your loved one and bring them a token of your appreciation every once in a while.

Although taking these steps may help prevent your loved one from being abused, Florida nursing home abuse may still occur. If you suspect your relative is being abused, please call Mallard Perez today at 888-409-3805 for a free consultation with an experienced Sarasota elder abuse attorney.

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