You may have not set out to deliberately walk in the rain; however, an unexpected rainstorm has caught you unprepared. While it may be miserable to walk in wet clothes, try not to focus on your discomfort but on the traffic around you. Walking while it’s raining is actually the most dangerous time to be sharing the road with motor vehicles.

Because rain distorts a driver’s vision and brings out oils and dirt in the roadway, a driver may have a hard time seeing you. The rain can make it harder to stop in time due to the slick roads. In order to minimize your chances of being in a wet weather pedestrian accident in Sarasota, you need to take the following steps every time you walk near traffic, including:

  • NEVER wear black – Rain makes the road appear darker, making it harder for a driver to see a pedestrian dressed in dark clothes. The contrast is lower—especially at night—which can cause a driver to miss spotting a pedestrian all together. Instead of blending in with your surroundings, try to stand out by wearing bright, reflective garments when walking.
  • Take off your headphones and stop talking on your cellphone – When you are listening to music or someone else’s voice, you may be distracted and not paying enough attention to your surroundings. Especially when it is raining, you want to pay close attention to the road and the drivers around you.
  • Always follow road rules – Although it may be tempting to get out of the rain as quickly as possible, never cross against a red light or jaywalk. Always cross at intersections and with the traffic lights.

Although drivers should be looking out for pedestrians, rain can make it more difficult for a driver to see you. Even if you have followed these three tips and have done your part to stay safe, you may still get hit by someone speeding or driving negligently.

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